Since I put my silly Turn Down For What in the Google Play Store last year, it’s been downloaded 92,000 times. Today, over 11,000 people have it currently installed on their phone. Ridiculous. I spent two hours on it, and now it’s all the rage in Spain and South America. The internet is a crazy place.

That spike in April is due to a mention in a Jenna Marbles video where she was reviewing silly apps (about 40 seconds in). She was, in fact, reviewing the iOS app that looks and acts similar, but her viewers didn’t know any better, and I got a bunch of downloads. I didn’t know who Jenna Marbles was (despite that her videos have literally billions of views on YouTube), but now I do. Great!

Inspired by my new deluge of traffic, I decided to add some new functionality. Now, you can decide what to turn down for. When you type something into the text box, it gets rendered with Android’s text-to-speech engine and stitched into the original clip. “TURN DOWN FOR… hot dogs!” “TURN DOWN FOR… father’s day!” “TURN DOWN FOR… whatever!”

The part of which I’m proudest is that I calculate how much silence to insert after the generated clip such that the music that follows falls on the beat. It’s subtle, but it’s a nice touch.

I also added Google Analytics and can see what people are turning down for. Unfortunately, as you might expect, the list of the most popular is not G-rated and won’t raise the average quality of the content on the internet, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

In the last two weeks, someone has turned down for something 330,000 times. We all leave our mark on the world, I guess.